The Eighth Bowl

Bowl with Cells & Seeds

Bowl with Cells & Seeds

This is the completed mixed media encaustic started just before I began a contemplation of the word play for Hone Life.

My research led me to the Book of Revelation where I read of the seven bowls carried by the seven angels in the End Times.

I had meant the bowl to carry seeds and cells, a celebration of  those tiny potentials from which life so improbably springs.

It became a post-End Times bowl! and expressing the new order that was to come, according to Revelation.

I added the red eights to represent infinity, eternity and I had just finished this when the phone rang and I ended up having a long spiritual conversation. Just before ringing off, I mentioned my artwork, explained the origin of its title and the significance of the number eight.

My friend pointed out that eight also symbolised renewal, rebirth, because the seven days of the week was a cycle and eight was the beginning of a new one.



P S This little work is a study for a bigger project ‘Below the Line’.

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