Mindfulness 2014: Evening Pages Reveals …

I’ve written already about why my word for 2014 is Mindfulness and that one of the tools I’d be using for this would be to start journaling again on a daily basis, something I’d let drop in 2013, with, I believed, disastrous results. So I’ve been doing my Morning Pages (á  la Julia Cameron’s creativity recovery course The Artist’s Way).

I also decided to do Evening Pages (my term) as I felt it would be a good idea to list, at least, what I wanted and needed to do the following day.

Evening Pages has been hitty-missy, but the first time I did this, I had a revelation. I realised that I was going to bed every night unconsciously disappointed in myself, frustrated, irritated – in varying degrees – about what I’d failed to achieve, creatively, during that day.

It was a shock to see how regularly and routinely I was self-destructing in this way, And it is self-destructive, because when I spotted this phenomenon, I made myself list everything I’d done that day. I was stricken with awe for myself! (Well, not quite). I was astonished at everything I had done. And everything was about what I had to do in order to get to my art and writing, to get to my creativity. So now I am doing my list as often as I do my Evening Pages and acknowledging ‘chores done’  as  achievements and applauding myself. Of course, I need to make adjustments – daily – to get the right balance, but without the list, I will never be able to gauge what needs adjusted, added or dumped.

My insomnia has improved.

Do you go to bed every night unconsciously (or consciously) discontented with your achievements? I recommend you try Evening Pages.  Do you already do them? Any tips for me?

My next Mindfulness post will be entitled House of Cards.

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8 Responses to Mindfulness 2014: Evening Pages Reveals …

  1. Just to let you know, my themes for this year are Mindfulness and Finding Joy. Interesting that we both chose mindfulness! I like what you’ve written.


    • AnnIsikArts says:

      Thanks Christine. I needed ‘Mindfulness’ this year as I didn’t feel I’d succeeded much with last year’s word: ‘Consolidate’, the reason being lack of focus. A big factor in this was that my daily journaling had fallen out. It’s back in and a bonus is that I can share any insights this brings. Good luck with Mindfulness and Joy. I’ll be keeping an eye on your writings. 🙂


  2. pattisj says:

    I’ve not thought about evening pages. That does seem like a good idea.


  3. N Filbert says:

    you may enjoy a book that’s been insightful and helpful for us with our personal discontents – Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson – has very helpful reflections, meditations and exercises for working with your particular brain and its history, as well as the natural biases of human brains, to begin to remap and strengthen the open and positive…


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