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Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Flash Fiction Story Challenge: La Vie en Bleue

La Vie en Bleue

“What’s that fish, mommy?”

I was observing, through the blue bits of the glass dolphin embedded in the door, the rippling apartment building opposite.

“It’s a dolphin. Dolphins aren’t fish.”

“Is a fish!”

At the bottom of the building, red plastic traffic cones contorted. Continue reading

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Scoring skies, scoring ice, scoring wax

This You Tube video is of artist Ben Hecht creating encaustic artworks, sharing his methods and his philosophy. When he is scoring into his surface, he reminds me of the scoring made by ice skates on ice. I’ve blogged already about how, when I used to do ice dance, I was always excited if first on the rink and thus first to score marks into the pristine surface of the ice. Continue reading

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