NaBloPoMo XXVI: Counting Down to Performance II



If you’ve read yesterday’s NaBloPoMo blog post you’ll have learnt that I’m singing solo on Saturday and I’ve decided to write a morning journal every day to help me with performance nerves. I’ve just done this morning’s. It was revealing what poured forth!

Yesterday I wrote that singing in front of someone was like trying to sing while being strangled by large cyanosed blue hands! (I’ve watched too many Hammer Horrors, I think)!  Strange, but the image does have a link with a problem I have with my own hands – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Without going into details, treatment I had in France that fixed the problem instantly is being denied me because the UK doctor doesn’t agree with the CTS diagnosis. So it leaves me feeling helpless. Change doctors Ann! Helplessness. It’s what I felt when I sang solo for the first time. I was shaking so much physically that I couldn’t get control of my vocal cords. No matter what I did!

But then I went on to realise that that was last year and a lot has changed for me vocally since then. And in other ways too – not just musical. I won’t be singing as the ‘me’ of last year; that Ann has gone. Yesterday’s Ann has gone. The Ann that rolled out of bed at 7 am this morning is gone. And I won’t be approaching the performance in the same way. I won’t be helpless.

Thank you all those answering my appeal for encouragement yesterday – here and on my Facebook page. People really do like their fellow fellows to do well, and that’s a fact.

I’ve pinched the above photo from Wikimedia Commons. It’s of the Auvergne region of France. One of the summits in the chaines de puys which are volcanic. (Where the Volvic mineral water comes from). The highest summit in the range is Puy-de-Dome, up which I have been! The photo was taken by Romary, who lives in the Auvergne region. It’s a gorgeous region of France, the Auvergne. Worth singing about.

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