NaBloPoMo XXIV: My NaBloPoMo Pinterest Board

Beach Rubbish II

Beach Rubbish II

I’ve recently joined Pinterest, though haven’t found the time to engage much with it yet. But I stumbled upon a fellow NaBloPoMo-er the other day who has created a Pinterest board of her NaBloPoMo blogs, so I did the same last night – well, unto the wee small hours! Here’s a link to the collection so far:

The only other board I’ve set up on Pinterest to date is one for researching and gathering together images – ideas – for a commission to design a set of CD covers and I’ll be doing another one for my own CD, which I plan to record next year. Is record still a valid word, or should it be burn? I remember LPs you could melt and turn into hats when they got scratched and I had a friend with a wind-up record player with a huge horn.  I kid ye not!

Anybody out there using Pinterest? How do you feel about it as a platform? How do you use it?


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