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NaBloPoMo XX: Editing and Proofreading Revisited

I promised yesterday to reveal what the blooper was in the extract I posted from a book I’m reading on my Kindle/iPad. Here’s the text again:

He held out a hand. “I’m John Smith.”
“Jane Brown,” said Jane, …
“Are you on holiday?” asked Jane.
“Yes. I … excuse me.”
I didn’t get his name, thought Jane. He’s very attractive.

I don’t suppose I need to point it out, as it’s such a glaring mistake, but for the record – in the first line character A tells character B his name. In the last line, character B is telling us that she didn’t get his name!

Reading on, I soon came across another error in this book, a spelling error this time. Here’s the text:

“… What about [Teresa Trimmington]? She leant [Frederica] her diamond necklace and …” Continue reading

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