NaBloPoMo 18: The Virtue of Tangles



I wrote in yesterday’s post that I visit (mostly cyberly) a lot of artists and galleries during the course of the week. It’s about refilling my well of images. It’s about seeking inspiration and ideas-culling. It’s about comradeship. No man is an island. Creativity doesn’t spring out of the ether. The fiction shorts I do with Friday Fictioneers every week are playing a part too. Several stories rely heavily on imagery. I’ve stories I haven’t published, too, of this kind. Curiously, I’ve been having an image or set of images arise that are similar. It came to me that I ought to be making artworks from these. It’s new visual vocabulary. In the course of contemplating all this, I figured why transparency keeps turning up. I find it very difficult to work intuitively. Or have done. It’s entirely necessary, however. It seems to be an opening up, a channel. So I’ve allowed transparency into what I’m doing without understanding why. Now I do, or at least an aspect of it. It’s about revelation, really. And if you don’t allow the spark onto the wood, you don’t get the fire. I wish I’d learned this 20 years ago!

Mr Liver Poster from Sea Margate 3 August 2013So I’m going to be developing these images visually, that have cropped up in the writing. See what comes through. I’m quite excited about this, or would be, only I’m very tired. I had to do a lot of running about today.

I’m such a tangle! But at least I’m telling it like it is. There’s something to be said for exposing one’s inadequacies. It encourages it in others. Shatters the social veneer. Reveals truth. (This poster was salvaged from the sea at Margate; the tangle of fishing lines, from St Margaret’s Bay, Kent).

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4 Responses to NaBloPoMo 18: The Virtue of Tangles

  1. I often find inspiration for stories in photos. It’s enjoy participating in “blog hops” and “Friday Fictioneers” as I’m able and hope to do more in the coming weeks.


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