NanoPoMo XIV: On Blank Pages

Panel 5 x 7 With Surface Treatment and Border 14 November 2013Then there was the puzzle of why the sun came out during the day, instead of at night when the light would come in useful.”     Terry Pratchett:  Mort

A bit of light relief  as I want to spend time today progressing these two canvas-board panels.

Talking of light relief, it is  exciting but also frightening to be face-to-face with a blankness. Even though these are small panels and I’ve already prepared their surfaces – so they are already palimpsests. I’d feel the same intimidation and anticipation if they were postage-stamp size.

I felt the same during my ice-dancing days, confronted with an empty ice rink, especially if no-one had yet stepped onto it. In fact, I used to set out for the rink very early sometimes – to get there before 6 am, to try to be the first to set foot on the smooth white surface of the ice.

Panel 5 x 7 With Surface Treatment 14 November 2013There’s no difference between creating with a pencil and paper and ice skate blades and ice rink. Creating is creating. Art is art. On ice you are making art also with your whole body and the air.

Well, there is one difference – if you make a mistake with pencil and paper you can rub out the marks; if you make a mistake on ice, you break your knee cap (or elbow or … ). I’ve also added colour to ice more than once – blood red. Perhaps my fear of blank white paper is that it brings back memories of moments of extreme physical pain and blood loss!

No blood has been lost from – or added to – these two panels. The surfaces have been built using lemon shellac, Daler-Rowney System 3 & Cryla Texture Paste, Indigo Blu’s FlitterGlu, Indigo Blu’s Mega-Flakes Autumn Blaze (metal foil flakes) Liquitex Fluid Matte Medium and Cléopatre Cléocol (extra strong fast-drying acrylic glue).

There’s everything on these blank surfaces but the kitchen sink already. I’m such a coward, artistically.

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4 Responses to NanoPoMo XIV: On Blank Pages

  1. N Filbert says:

    really appreciating these entries and the tangled ties you draw between all our embodied forms of line-making, surface-changing selves


    • annisik51 says:

      Oh, what a cascade of images you’ve just given me! Thank you for your insight. I should pay you! Look out for some of this in my work! I am definitely a tangled type and shall go and pirouette into the blind cords immediately.


      • N Filbert says:

        comes through me via Ian Hodder and Tim Ingold (primarily) – books about our thick entanglement with materials 🙂 Persons like you and my wife seem to “get it” / materialize it daily


      • annisik51 says:

        I thought Ian Hodder’s name was familiar. One of his old students is a cousin of mine! It’s genetic then! I’ve scanned both his and Ingold’s book lists and will DEFINITELY be making a collection. My ability to materialise depends daily on whether I remember I’m alive and conscious … Tell you wife not to throttle herself accidentally – I do it often! 🙂


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