NaBloPoMo XI: Armistice Day and The Compleat Trespasser

Jura, France

Jura, France

A last word about Remembrance for this year. I wrote yesterday – Remembrance Sunday – on how I’d finished reading Rilla of Ingleside (last in the Anne of Green Gables books). Today – Armistice Day – at the 11th hour on the 11th month of the year many have stopped what they were doing to practice 2 minutes silence to remember and honour those who gave up their todays so that we could have our tomorrows.

I’ve started a journey through a new book where I soon came across these words:

“But then why shouldn’t the British people have free access to the best bits of our own countryside? Many of our parents and grandparents fought for this country in the world wars. Some of my readers may well have served in more recent conflicts. Why is it deemed okay to be prepared to die for your country, but not be allowed to walk across it?”

Food for thought. In my blog yesterday I quoted from the end of Rilla – here’s a bit of it:

“We’re in a new world,” Jem says, “and we’ve got to make it a better one than the old.  …The old world is destroyed and we must build up the new one.”

If you’re anything like me, you’re asking: what can I do – little old me – to build a new world?  Building up new worlds is a job for the experts, people with power, isn’t it?

Actually, isn’t it the experts who get us into the wars in the first place?

My grandfather was a coal miner for 50 years. Apart from his vacation in the French trenches, he spent his life underground, in darkness. He deserved the freedom to roam when he got a chance to return to the surface of the earth. Didn’t he go to war so I could walk about in the fresh air? Well, then, at least little old me can walk about the countryside and in doing so, help keep up the rights of the Common Man. And the Unknown Soldier.

Walking is something you can do to help build up a new world. You don’t have to be an expert to walk about.

Robin Hood Statue, Nottingham Castle

Robin Hood Statue, Nottingham Castle

The book I’m quoting from is The Compleat Trespasser by John Bainbridge. It’s going to be an interesting read. I’ve just got to the bit where he is talking about his boyhood penchant for Robin Hood. I like Robin, too. There have been many adaptations of the Robin Hood story. Tony Curtis played Robin in a Hollywood version. If you get to see this movie, note the scene where Curtis is swinging from tree to tree through Sherwood Forest and shouts: Geronimo! I nearly died laughing! Geronimo was a 19th/20th century Native American Indian (1829-1909). The Robin Hood character connected with Richard the Lionheart would have lived in the 12th century. Who wrote that script?!

John Bainbridge runs a blog at:

English: Sherwood Forest - Woodland Footpaths ...

English: Sherwood Forest – Woodland Footpaths Robin Hood Way continues straight ahead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you can’t for whatever reason, roam the countryside at large, I suggest you buy John’s book. Roam by proxy and help build a new world!


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  1. stravaigerjohn says:

    Thank you Ann for the mention. Much appreciated!


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