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NaBloPoMo VII: Flint & Feather (The Laurel Grove Mysteries Book One)

Here’s another bit of a scene from the manuscript of my mystery & suspense novel-in-progress Flint & Feather. Yes, I know it needs a lot more work – it has not escaped my notice that the only action in this piece is that a) a pigeon has landed on a ledge and b) a man has turned up. How mysterious, how suspenseful! Most of this will have to be excised … ouch! Feedback is welcome.

“Pomegranates full and fine …”

She had to eat her lunch standing, using a wide stone ledge as a dining table. Beyond the ledge was an evil drop to public gardens that wound down to the road. Beyond the road was the Seine, swelled with giant Batons Mouches and smaller boats, all heavy in the water with their cargos of tourists. Beyond the Seine, the Eiffel Tower. Tourists ascended and descended indecently inside its lacy iron petticoat. She shuddered at the image. Continue reading

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