Art in Progress: Birthday Card (Finished)

Birthday Card Back
Just living is not enough. One needs sunshine, freedom and a little flower

Hans Christian Andersen

Here’s the finished version of the mixed media birthday card I’ve been busy with.  It’s the back of the card, actually. I posted an in progress version yesterday. I’ve added the above saying, attributed to Hans Christian Andersen.

Techniques/materials: lemon/amber shellac, encaustic wax, texture paste (System 3), digital imaging and printing, collage, bits of IndigoBlu’s Gin and Tonic Mega-Flake (metal leaf flakes) ‘Gin and Tonic’. I haven’t used this texture paste before. I love it. Which means that everything in sight (excepting the cat) is being texturised at the moment.

The only drawback with the card (which is not card but canvas board) is that it smells of shellac! Shellac-perfumed flowers? I’ve some time so I’ll try airing it and rubbing in some lavender oil before sending it on its way. I could probably have achieved the same effect – and avoided the industrial aroma – using acrylic paint, tea, cumin or turmeric. Any suggestions are welcome.


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8 Responses to Art in Progress: Birthday Card (Finished)

  1. pattisj says:

    If this is the back, I can’t wait to see the front.


  2. lcb2 says:

    Hey there!

    I did a project for my daughter in Hawai’i last year and used shellac varnish. What a stinky mistake! It was a book for her son, and when she opened the toxic box, she was afraid to give it to him. 😦 I know, therefore, exactly how you feel.

    I’m curious, though — did the encaustic layer go on last — right before the varnish? If so, you could have just buffed the encaustic wax medium and left it that way. It’s pretty heat resistant and hard and durable.

    As an alternative, I have found a water-based polycrylic protective finish that works wonders, and does not smell. Two or three layers, and your work is totally protected. I got it in the hardware store — it’s by MinWax. I don’t know if it’s available where you are, but any water=based topcoat should do the trick. Polyurethanes are normally oil-based, so avoid them. I’m guessing, due to the MinWax name of this product, that it’s a combination of some sort of polyurethane and acrylic.

    Hope this helps! Laura


    • annisik51 says:

      Laura, thank you so much for your in-depth response. Actually, the smell has all but vanished. I only did a wash of shellac as a base layer and a little bit on top of a first layer of collage.I added encaustic and I fused the layers with a heat gun, polishing it afterwards a bit. I also used matte acrylic medium and I sealed the piece with glossy retouching varnish. I will be keeping your advice however. Thanks a lot. I’ve been reading your blog. Well done on everything. Congratulate yourself. You are inspiring! I’m engaged with the concepts of Light and Balance, too in my work, right now, by the way. We were meant to connect! Ann


  3. summerstommy2 says:

    Hi Ann I do like the finished card. From what you say it is a unique piece. Excellent work.


  4. I’m not sure my Very Slow internet connection is going to let me log on … in case it does:
    I love the work.


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