Art in Progress: A Birthday Card

Canvas Board, Encaustic, Collage, Lemon Shellac, Texture Paste (System 3)

Canvas Board, Encaustic, Collage, Lemon Shellac, Texture Paste (System 3)

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Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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7 Responses to Art in Progress: A Birthday Card

  1. summerstommy2 says:

    Looks fabulous Ann. I’d like one, my birthday is very soon.


    • annisik51 says:

      Thank you! It’s actually the back of a card. I’ve finished this today and just posted it. Now you probably won’t like it! If you really want a card, you’ll have to brief me on what you’d like on it and a deadline and let me have your address (not publicly of course). I’d want something in exchange. You’ve taught drama. I desperately need to conquer stage fright. So?


      • summerstommy2 says:

        Stage fright eh……that can be dealt with……if you want to get out there and perform you need to believe in what you are doing, focus on the role, be the character, know your audience and understand the journey you are taking them on. After four or five terrifying attempts you’ll start to get he hang of it. That help?


      • annisik51 says:

        Thanks so much for taking the time to give me this advice. I’m talking about singing solo. Yikes. Did it first time last year and I was a pitiful wreck! Reflecting on what you wrote, one realisation I had was that I was equating it with driving. I do not like driving – I’m afraid of killing somebody! I will never kill anybody by singing at them. I hope, anyway! Ann


  2. pattisj says:

    I like!


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