Third Anniversary of Poetic Mapping

Globe Artichoke in Flower With Bee

WordPress wrote to me yesterday, to tell me that 3 September 2013 marked the 3rd anniversary of Poetic Mapping. This is blog no. 222. This is quite by accident. If you believe in accidents, that is. The anniversary is a good excuse to post a shot of an exquisite flower with exquisite bee. I took this in Pines Gardens, St Margaret’s Bay, Kent last week, having walked there from Kingsdown across a stretch of the White Cliffs of Dover. And back again. The lovely lady who delivers my organic veggies every week came today. I told her of the walk. She delivers to St Margaret’s Bay, she said and commented, “That was a long walk!”  I hadn’t noticed.

I was fascinated by the bee’s wings, which are as purple as the globe artichoke flower it is feeding from.

It is now 222 am.


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19 Responses to Third Anniversary of Poetic Mapping

  1. Have a look-see at the following site:
    There’s not a lot of time left but it has to do with a manuscript (artist’s book) exhibition in October in South Africa. Maybe you have something ready that fits the guidelines? If you like?


  2. stravaigerjohn says:

    Happy Blogday!


  3. pattisj says:

    Congratulations on these milestones! Now, get to bed! You and I keep the same blogging hours, it seems–the wee hours of the morn. Though I’m trying to improve…


    • annisik51 says:

      My hours are erratic. I didn’t get to sleep till after 4 am. Probably 444 am! Having a weird time with numbers at present. I catnap. Aside from the dreams, sleeping is such a waste of time!


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