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Intelligent Design VIII

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Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge: Patterns


“See that bird making feet patterns in the mudflats?”

“Yes, Granda.”

“You’re making patterns too.”

John looked down. “Can’t see any patterns.”

“Everywhere we go. Invisible, mostly.” He took out a photo.“What d’you see?”

“Goat. Big stone.”

“Gravestone. Marks where somebody’s buried. When you die, you stop making patterns. Feet patterns are stories about where feet’ve been. That goat, bird, their patterns tell you where they went to get food to care for their families. Creatures are for caring.”

“What are people for, Granda?”

“Same thing.”

“So people and creatures are the same.”

“No. Creatures don’t know they’re making patterns. People do.”
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More on ‘The Studio’: Travelling Canvas Project

April Cole set up and runs The Studio, a Facebook group of mixed media artists. I’m taking part in the July project. 5″x7″ canvas boards travel round and each artist receiving it adds something. It arrives back to the hands of the originator, transformed. I sent mine to Minnesota for its first additions and I’ve just received my first to add to, from artist Jackie Davidson, of Mobile, Alabama. Oh, how exotic, to be coming and going from such places! Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Singing: Les Berceaux (Cradles): Fauré

I’ve been introduced recently to another exquisite song by Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924). I particularly like this version by Veronique Gens. The song’s set to a poem by René François Sully-Prudhomme (1839-1907). Here’s my translation. Along the quay, the great vessels, … Continue reading

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The Round Tower, Girne, North Cyprus

Isn’t this a fabulous place of art? The Round Tower, Kyrenia By Margaret Sheard Although the Round Tower is situated along the main High Street in Kyrenia, do people even know it is there and taken the time to … Continue reading

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I am an Awesome Author (It’s Official – Ask Joe (Gande)

How’s this for a nice surprise in my email:  my good Facebook friend and excellent NY rock musician, Joe Gande, named me in a Tweet as one amongst a bunch he considers Awesome Authors.  Now just how does one preen these … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge: Waiting for the Hands of Time

Waiting for the Hands of Time

Hear the legend: once there was Time; when Time existed, Time had hands. Fingers marked the tick tock of its passing. Another legend says: Time waits for no man, so on the rim of this handless clock we wait for the return of Time. In the hope that with the return of Time, we can begin and so, end, for we cannot until Time returns to free us from eternity. Oh, how we long for the end of eternity!

We watch others’ futile embroidering of emptiness as they climb endlessly towards no destination.

Hope is our only destination, until the return of Time. So we keep vigil for long thin shadows. Continue reading

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The Studio: Travelling Canvas Project

I joined The Studio: April Cole’s Facebook community of mixed media artists, earlier this year and decided to participate in the July group project, called Travelling Canvas. You send a canvas off and it travels round a small number of … Continue reading

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