Walking Whitstable

Windmills, Whitstable“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
Mother Teresa

The seaside is a treasure trove of inspiration for artists. Look at these colours, shapes and patterns

Fishing Nets, Whitstable
Blue and orange and green coloured nets, blue reel, orange floats

Boat with Bright SailA horizontal, a vertical, blocks of blues, white and cerise, black numbering

Fisherman's Cottage, WhitstableSpooky, distressed fisherman’s cottage. I would love to renovate this

Boat and Black Buildings WhitstableNote the seagulls perched on the black roofs, the reflected red and blue hulls

Breaking Wave IBreaking Wave I

Breaking Wave IIBreaking Wave II

Ginger ShipGinger and white lines, red and ginger squares, yellow and brown rectangles, grey strip with circles

Boat deckThis boat deck is full of colour and texture and pattern

Blue boat, ochre craneLots of rhythm here. Blue, white, ochre, gold, red, grey, lots of white lines here, numbering, lettering, work stilled

Beach Pebbles Whitstable KentColour, texture, form. I brought a handful of flattish pebbles home to draw round and colour. They’ll end up in the garden

The actor Peter Cushing retired to Whitstable.

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