Intelligent Design XII

Purple and White Flower L'Isle Adam Forest Autumn 2010

This is my 200th blog article.  As I was uploading this flower I received an email telling me that my Facebook friend Rene Szilak Burghardt had posted this quote. I can’t imagine anything more fitting, and mystical – other than a flower – falling into my lap right at this time.  Thank you Renie and the mysterious powers that be!

“The Amen! of nature is always a flower.”–Oliver Wendell Holmes

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6 Responses to Intelligent Design XII

  1. Andy McKell says:

    Happy bicentennial !
    Keep it up.


    • annisik51 says:

      Thanks Andy. I remember you from 12 Angry Men.


      • Andy McKell says:

        Hey – a fan 😉
        It’s good to be remembered.
        I hope you enjoyed the play.


      • annisik51 says:

        Oh dear. I couldn’t possibly have seen you in the PLAY. I do apologise! I remember the film of course, with Henry Fonda. But your photo in the play is familiar. Maybe I saw you on TV in another production. I’m a fan anyway, of YOU and your writing! I did some amateur dramatics once. Took part in a drama festival. A judge said that I looked like I’d been hit on the head before I went on stage. I was really miffed because one of my fellow actors – with only one line – forgot to say it before leaving stage, leaving me to ad lib my next line and my leading man 3 times switched lines from different parts of the play, again leaving me to ad lib! Grrh! Acting is not for me! Ann


  2. Such a profound statement and so accurate.
    There is nothing so magnificent in nature.


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