The Round Tower, Girne, North Cyprus

Isn’t this a fabulous place of art?

The Round Tower, Kyrenia

By Margaret Sheard

Although the Round Tower is situated along the main High Street in Kyrenia, do people even know it is there and taken the time to 1. Round Tower before 1878visit?

I have visited the Round Tower on a number of occasions as has my partner, Chris, and we had occasion to visit again together recently following an exciting discovery. I had previously been researching information about Newman’s Farm which many years ago was located at the present day site of the Chinese House Restaurant in Karaoğlanoğlu. The Round Tower keeps a Servicemen’s 2. Round Tower - present dayRegister and a Visitors Book and by chance someone mentioned that there was a note in the Visitors Book by a relative of the owners of Newman’s Farm so Chris and I sought out the book and found the note and I have now made contact with the grand-daughter of the original owner of the…

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