I am an Awesome Author (It’s Official – Ask Joe (Gande)

English: Sukhoi T-50, b/n 51.

English: Sukhoi T-50, b/n 51. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How’s this for a nice surprise in my email:  my good Facebook friend and excellent NY rock musician, Joe Gande, named me in a Tweet as one amongst a bunch he considers Awesome Authors.  Now just how does one preen these days? 🙂  I’m not in the same league as the others on Joe’s list, mind you.

— Joe Gande (@joegande) June 28, 2013

Must dash.  I have a beautiful lady of colour jet fighter pilot waiting for me to edit her out of a serious science fiction situation.  It’s a short story. The one I wrote the draft of in 7 or 8 hours.  It’s for a competition:  a story with a twist in the tail.  I told my hairdresser about this last week. She wanted me to tell her the story, so I summarised it and at the end I burst into tears and she was amazed (at the story, not my emotional outburst – she’s used to these after doing my hair for the last two years).  She wants a printed copy to read when it’s done. Do I have a fan?  The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.  At any rate, I will have a critique of my story by someone who – for once – I didn’t have to force to read it.


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