Distress Print Bleed I 10 June 2013

More artistic developments on photos of the distressed paint we’re stripping off the hull of our Albin Vega. These started as Photoshop manipulations of the photos. I then printed copies off – onto cheap 80 gsm inkjet paper – sprayed each with water, scrunched and twisted the paper, then ironed it flat again.  In the process, the printing ink bled through the paper, resulting in new images on the back of the originals.

Distress Print Bleed III 10 June 2013In the fluidity of these bleedings, I saw a connection to my current art project Below the Line, where I’m preoccupied with finding ways of making the invisible visible. These seascape-looking images reminded me of the primordial sea in which all life is said/argued/conjectured to have begun.

Distress Print Bleed III was also reminded that more of our bodies consist of water than any other substance.

I’ve touched on staining and sgraffito in earlier blogs, and now: bleeding … three methods to explore for revealing the invisible.

Celtic knot two-part circle horizontal

Celtic knot two-part circle horizontal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And in parallel, I’ve also been drawn to look into knots, especially Celtic knots. Expressions of Eternity and hence, the invisible.

So, it’s still about Cells & Kells

Art is in everything.

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1 Response to Bleedings

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Hello, making the invisible visible, a fascinating concept in addition to an artistic challenge, I think. Everything is related to everything. Fluidity, connections, flow. The Celtics nurtured these beliefs where ever they traveled!


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