Hull Art

Hull Distress AV III May 2013 Despite the other night’s in-dream admonitions from my team of angel guides about stalling, I have not been totally idle on the art front.  Here are some works I made last weekend. I made them on the hull of our Albin Vega. While most would find scraping boat hulls a tedious experience, not so the artist. My pencil is a paint scraper and my medium, an antifouling stripper. My support, a GRP hull.

Hull Distress AV II May 2013My method is sgraffito.  You add some layers and then scrape through from the top one to reveal the ones underneath. In my case, the layers were already there.  I’m recording all the changes as I go and I have 54 feet of hull to play with!  Yippee!  I’m making butterfly books with these images. Not about butterflies. It’s the shape of the book. Long and thin. In my case: 3 inches high x 9 inches long. Like seascapes. I think these scraped paintings are seascape-like, don’t you?

I will be doing other things with these images, but for now will put them to one side and return to my Below the Line project. I have to focus and finish projects or I will overwhelm myself and start falling off kitchen benches again.


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