Playing the Cards You’re Dealt

Altered Board Book: Cayman IDuring the recent repainting of my studio I found this incomplete art project and I’ve been pushing some of its elements around on the front cover of this erstwhile children’s board book. It’s become a maquette and I’ll be doing some mixed media works from it, I think.

These fossil forms go back to the time I lived on Grand Cayman. They’re actually papier maché and very light. I took this shot from above.

I’ve also painted the kitchen, bathroom and painted and dressed another room.

It had to be done if I were ever to transform back from salmon to human form. Fins are all very well, but I need hands. (I refer to my fall and dream and will post  Auspicious Accident: Part II very soon. The writing of it took me on a curious journey).

The large form in this arrangement is very fishy-looking. It’s sort of how I’ve been feeling: bound and limbless. Prone. Well, not quite as bad as that …  Strange though that this project should have surfaced (sorry about the pun!) at this particular moment. And also strange that I’ve been singing Song To The Moon, which is about a rusalka (water sprite) who falls in love with a human (a prince of course) and has to transform to be with him. There are no coincidences!

My little attic studio is finally mine. I’ve painted the walls with a period paint. It’s a dead flat matte white called Wash Day (water again!) It’s soft and powdery, like the forms in the picture. Which reminds me of another dream I had, at the time I was making these forms.  It was set in a white room, with figures in white overalls – workmen- and they were sitting round a white table playing cards. The cards were completely white – blank – and the room was covered in a white powder or dust. One of the men turned to me and, smiling broadly, held up his hand of blank cards. I figured out most of it, but not the white dust. When I pondered the dream, it seemed to me that I was being guided by these non-working, but playing, workmen. I believed was being shown that I now had a hand of blank cards and I should play them. I’d just lost three members of my close family and I was beginning a new era in my life.

I think I was being told it was time to get out from under the dust and ashes and start playing my own game.  To play the game with the cards I’ve been dealt. Blank cards to personalise. (And it’s not work)!  Rather a beautiful and positive dream, I feel.  I think I have some lovely angels assigned to me!


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11 Responses to Playing the Cards You’re Dealt

  1. I’ve been missing your posts. Looked for this artwork specifically, because it’s so inspiring. How are you?


  2. I’ve been missing your posts. How are you?


  3. petrujviljoen says:

    Blank cards, playing them. I agree. White normally means it is an area where one hasn’t explored yet. An unknown.


    • annisik51 says:

      Thanks. I am always amazed at the complexity and sophistication of the images and stories that turn up in dreams.


      • petrujviljoen says:

        They’re wonderful. I just recently started dreaming again after many years of not remembering any of them. I must’ve dreamt, but not with the clarity and intensity that I used to. I missed it terribly. Years of just waking up and not remembering a thing. Was like being in a spiritual desert. The dust in your dream also had significance, I think. As in, dusting off old ideas and working with them. And since the images you posted with regard to the dream were all in white … what do you think?


      • annisik51 says:

        I just replied to this and it disappeared. If you received it, sorry for the repetition! The ‘dusting off’ of old ideas ring true. It’s an angle I hadn’t figured. You are astute! It wasn’t so much dust as in dirt though. More like white powder. Pigment. Material to work into art. Hence the ‘workmen’, I suppose! Get to work, was the message. Unblank those cards.

        My dreams come in groups too. And I haven’t recalled many dreams for a long time either. They’re sort of instructions. I suppose when you’re busy working on the instructions, you don’t need the dreams. My dream activity is accelerating again too. I’m a spring person – born in April. I’m up at dawn these days. Thanks for your kind interest! Ann


      • petrujviljoen says:

        Oh, well done. The idea of working or living the result of a subconscious journey is interesting. I thought I was just depressed! Very nice conversation.


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