Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge: SQUIDS

(c) Jennifer Pendergast

(c) Jennifer Pendergast

Every Friday authors from around the world gather at the virtual fireside of fellow blogger Rochelle Wisoff to share fiction stories of 100 words – prompted by a photograph – and exchange constructive criticism. Readers’ comments are also welcome.

This week’s photo prompt (I love the composition and colours in this photo) has been provided by Jennifer Pendergast, whose blog is Elmo Writes, where she describes herself thus: … an English lawyer, moved to Canada and gone straight – I worked part-time as a waitress until October 2012 and now I’m a full-time Mum while devoting my “spare time” to writing, editing and writing about, my other favourite creation, fiction.

Jennifer’s own story about her photo is Fibonacci’s Tower.  Jennifer, I almost wrote a story incorporating The Fibonacci Sequence myself! I look forward to discovering how many other Friday Fictioneers went in this direction, prompted by your photo.

Here’s my story that Jennifer’s photo inspired:


“I’m Professor Michael … “

“He’s Mike, I’m Jeff.” The younger one shot the elder a look. “We work with Annelise.”


“Did your daughter ever mention SQUIDS, … “

“She hated fish…”

“…Josephson …  Cooper… Shapiro steps…  breakthrough…  not steps, spiral…”

Jeff shot ‘Professor’ another look.

“Where’s Annelise?”

Jeff took my hand.  “SQUIDS is a quantum – time-space – tunnel. We succeeded with mice.”

“Annelise’s where?”


I climbed in.

Prof protested.  “…500,000 Josephson’s Junctions alone! ”

Annelise led me through a door leading from the landing of the spiral staircase. There were others: Russian….

“Tea?”  She asked, whiskers twitching.

(c) Ann Isik 2013
100 words

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30 Responses to Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge: SQUIDS

  1. 40again says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and, like Sandra, would love to read the longer version. I’m usually a bit dense with sci-fi pieces, but I’m pleased to say I got your story straight away.
    Well done


    • annisik51 says:

      Thanks Dee! Sorry for the delay in response. I had a fall and then became overwhelmed (or maybe in reverse order) but I’m okay now. I haven’t had time to do the longer version and missed last week’s FF altogether. Life! I’ll post it as a standalone sometime soon. Thank you for your kind interest. Ann


  2. Loved the way you put so much into just 100 words. Talent! I respect.

    If you have time, will consider reading a short story by me and give some tips? I am very new to writing and is looking for some learning from you all.


    • annisik51 says:

      Hello Ankit, thanks for reading my story and taking the time to comment. I’ve had a quick look at your story. It would be difficult for me and perhaps unfair, to comment very much, as I feel I am not enough familiar with the culture in which the story is set. Some of the expressions in the story are unknown to me, such as ‘fat uncles’. You can certainly tell a story, however and I note that the story won a prize and of money! Well done! If what you are writing is winning prizes, it would seem not much should be changed! And keep writing. That’s my advice! Kind regards Ann


  3. Sarah Ann says:

    Really enjoyed reading this – am intrigued and looking forward to reading the longer version.


    • annisik51 says:

      Several people are interested in the longer version. I had a fall and it put me out of action – though not physically – but I’m back on an even keel and starting to catch-up. Thanks for your comment. Ann


  4. Sandra says:

    Great story – loved this and would like to read the longer version. Well done.


  5. Annelise in Wonderland? 🙂 Although it sounds more like she ended up a bit like the Cheshire Cat.



    • annisik51 says:

      Could easily be Wonderland! The Cheshire mouse though … she got mixed up with the ‘successful’ experiments on mice. There’d be an uproar – illogically – if I had them experimenting on cats.:)


  6. tedstrutz says:

    Hi Ann… you better change your link on the FriFic page… you put in the wrong add and it is going to your edit page and it is blank.


  7. Tom Poet says:

    I am pretty sure your post went into a wormhole because your link isn’t working and I had to get here by some scientific work of my own…I didn’t notice any Russians or mice here Just Ted, yourself and some weird self professed poet. I have to say at first I thought you were talking about that lady who captured a giant squid on camera but of course I was wrong. I learned a few things here and enjoyed this post. Well back to the rabbit hole..I mean wormhole…time space tunnel….whatever it’s called. Clicking my heels… nothing seems to be working…I am still here. Oh post comment got it! Bye.



    • annisik51 says:

      Very funny, Tom! Thanks for persevering with my accidental wormhole! I’m glad you managed to fathom my tale (or tail, even!) or even some of it, as I had to cut it from over 250 words. It was better longer. I learn a lot from doing this weekly challenge. Ann


  8. I like this story all the way through, but not sure I get the ending. Why “Russian” and why “Whiskers?” Is her time jump for good or for ill?


    • annisik51 says:

      Thanks for reading Perry. I had to cut the story down from over 250 words this week and it lost something in the process. My heroine was trapped in the ‘quantum tunnel’ with a mouse. disappeared. Where she’s ended up, there are scientists from all the world powers also working on quantum tunnels – including Russia, though the possible connection with Russian tea is confusing! I’m keeping the longer version, which included a psychic! But the story’s about love, in this case, a mother’s love for her daughter. Thanks for reading. Ann


  9. elmowrites says:

    Lots of intrigue here, Ann, I feel you have a lot more of this story in your head! Thanks for the link and your kind words on mine, and on the photo. I’m so glad someone else saw the Fibonacci-ness of these photo.


    • annisik51 says:

      An astute observation – yes there is a lot more story in my head. I had to cut it down from over 250 words and probably shouldn’t have. There was another character – a psychic – who got the chop! I learned that with a form as heavy with meaning, in science and in myth etc, as a spiral, there are too many choices and junctions (Josephson’s and otherwise)!


  10. JackieP says:

    really interesting. Nice work!


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