On My Worktable Today: Fern Print on Copper

Copper Patination: Ferns I

Copper Patination: Ferns I

Spring is springing. I spring-cleaned my garden workshop/studio on Sunday and yesterday produced a print of ferns on copper. The image to the left is a close-up of one section of the sheet.  This is my first attempt at printmaking on copper. I’ve used the liver of sulphur I acquired a few weeks ago.  I adapted a recipe for printing on copper mesh which I found in Mixed-Media Nature Journals, subtitled New Techniques for Exploring Nature, Life, and Memories, by L K Ludwig. It’s a sumptuously illustrated book and full of unusual techniques for image-making.

Sulphur xx, Aragonite xx

Sulphur xx, Aragonite xx (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you decide to have a go at this technique, do it outdoors, as I did. The rotten egg smell of sulphur is not something you want drifting through your home!

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2 Responses to On My Worktable Today: Fern Print on Copper

  1. yepiratehere says:

    REALLY WONDERFUL! That was a truly interesting read. Will enjoy reading more about that in due course, very much. Looks beautiful by the way.


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