On My Worktable Today

Green Man, Alcohol Inks,Encaustic PaintingI bought this little green man at my local art shop last Saturday. I’ve never had to buy a man before. Of any colour. It’s age creeping up on me, I suppose. Expensive. I wonder if I can hire any from the local library?  Or get some secondhand from charity (thrift) shops?  I also bought the little bottles. They’re alcohol ink. And you can just see the edge of another small encaustic painting in progress.


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Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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3 Responses to On My Worktable Today

  1. At our local nail salon, one can purchase a French Man for $25. If I weren’t happily married, that would be a steal…

    Seriously, though, if my nine-year-old ever graduates from dragons, he would love that man. He looks so much easier to use than those wooden models.


  2. Ann, I’m worried about you: buying men and small bottles of colourful alcohol.
    Don’t get carried away by your newly found loves…okay?


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