Quantum Creativity

Starting a new art project and at the research stage (and waiting for some new equipment to arrive). I’ve gessoed all the pages in a sketchbook/journal. They’re naked, waiting to be dressed. I’m pushing some first images and materials round. I’m hungry but don’t have enough ingredients to make a meal. I’m suffering from underabundance.  I need to go image hunting. Add to the images floating around in my head. Particles of potential. I need new images to add to this potential. Make them collide and agitate. According to Quantum Theory, quanta behave both like particles and waves. I’m showering myself with images.

A 30' (9 m) diameter Buckyball sculpture was c...

A 30′ (9 m) diameter Buckyball sculpture was created by former physicist Julian Voss-Andreae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have to image hunt continually as an imagesmith because you’re constantly using up your image supply. I strive for an abundance of images. Aside from my digital image stocks, I’ve an ever-growing collection of transparent presentation-type books where I keep images  I like. Before throwing out a magazine, for instance, I cut out any images or pages of images I like and slip them into the sleeves of these books. I keep the books at hand to flick through. Feed myself on the images. And it’s an image I pulled from a magazine in 1998 ( Art in America, probably) that brought me to the above video.

The image reproduces a work of art advertising a 1998 exhibition by artist Lisa Mackie at June Kelly Gallery, New York. The video, Continuous Incident, is a documentary of her work She’s interpreting her exhibition – installation –  at June Kelly Gallery.

Cover of "Quantum Healing: Exploring the ...

Cover via Amazon

I’m using Quantum Theory as an analogy because my project is an exploration of space, the nature of space, space defined as the invisible intelligence situated between molecules and out of space-time. The intelligence that decides on the development of matter. It’s quantum space and as theorised by Deepak Chopra in his book Quantum Healing, which I’ve just finished reading and will soon review.

For years I’ve been fixated on the object and yet have always had problems situating it. I was never very happy about the grey fuzzy nothing to be found surrounding many objects in still life paintings! So I’m trying to solve this problem by finding ways of making images that describe thought, intelligence, the invisible. I think I’ve at least subconsciously begun exploring this in my last few projects.

Slide IiI’ve been thinking along the lines of cut-outs and transparency and layering and what has amazed me in finding this video is that Lisa Mackie’s works also engages with these words. Here’s serendipity, synchronicity, divine intervention at work.  Quantum reality.

And here’s why it’s a good idea for artists to build up collections of images. When I tore the image of Lisa Mackie’s artwork from that magazine in 1998, I had no idea that 14 years later, I’d be able to watch a video of the artist describing her work. You Tube didn’t exist in 1998. And in finding her video, I’d also find videos of other artists, other images worth collecting.  And Lisa Mackie’s and their web sites and art displays.

My new equipment has just arrived.  I’m off to the studio to play with it.


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