Christian Book Barn

ImageChristian Book Barn have recommended on their site my blog post: The Light of Tabor.  How on earth they came across my obscure little blog, I don’t know.

I’ve just checked out their site.  Here’s their mission statement:
“We hope to share news, views, information, and more about the latest in Christian books. We produce original content as well as AGGREGATE great content related to Christian stories. We draw content from across the web, from twitter to youtube, from google to yahoo, and then sort that content, placing the best, most relevant content on the front of our site. 
We provide links, with summaries, to articles from great sites across the web that are related to Christian books.”

I hope you like my two little devils. They’re to be found in an 11th century church in Normandy.

If you’re interested in Christian books, Christian Book Barn is at:

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