Kookie Cats Raising Money for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Kookies Sock Cats for Pancreatic Cancer UKJust Giving is a web site that allows you to donate to any one of a whole host of charitable organisations with just a click of a button. There’s a couple of charities on Just Giving that I’ve supported in a tiny tiny way this past year and am trying to fundraise for:  The Brain Tumour Charity and International Animal Rescue.  Well, I’m not really doing anything except I’ve set up pages in case anybody wants to donate and I’ve just donated a token amount.

Other people are doing magnificent things to raise money for their chosen charity. I had an email today about someone raising money for Pancreatic Cancer. It touches me in that I had a friend die of this a few years ago. It’s one of those cancers that are symptomless in its early stages and so by the time it’s discovered, it’s too late. Here’s some of the content of the email:

Sock cats change the world

Rachel Cooke makes ‘kookies’ – sock cats – to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. She puts the “little critters” into different situations and adventures, such as canoeing down the Broads, and “tries to make people smile” with them.

Rachel sold her first batch of kookies when her boyfriend’s sister asked around at work if anyone would like one… resulting in an order for nearly 40! She’s even had orders from Australia.

Rachel says: “The support I’ve been given really cheers me up. Any little I can do feels like I am making a little splash in a big ocean.”

Aren’t the sock cats great?


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