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A Throng of One: (Looking Back on 2012)

New Year’s Eve. It’s that time of year again. Time for looking back. For taking stock. Reflecting. For planning the year to come. A new timetable. Resolutions. Surprise, surprise; there were many goals I didn’t reach in 2012.  Instead of … Continue reading

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Kookie Cats Raising Money for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Just Giving is a web site that allows you to donate to any one of a whole host of charitable organisations with just a click of a button. There’s a couple of charities on Just Giving that I’ve supported in … Continue reading

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Christmas Baubles from The Books of The Dead

I thought I’d try out WordPress’s new Gallery feature and make Christmas baubles from one of my 2012 art projects.  The images are from my slideshow of the works I produced for The Books of The Dead II. A bit gloomy … Continue reading

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Where do Ideas Come From?

Somebody once said to me (this was in terms of painting) that a successful passage of painting was just ‘accidental’, i.e. a lucky stroke of the brush. That struck me as wrong, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then it came to me. It’s not the accident itself, but what you DO with the accident. Continue reading

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An Animal is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

It’s the time of year when cute little balls of fluff turn up under the Christmas tree as presents. Only to be later abandoned. Continue reading

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The blog may have been quiet recently but I haven’t!

I’ve been rehearsing this. It’s Mozart and it’s called Laudate Dominum and I’m singing it solo next Saturday. The soprano in the You Tube video is, of course, the fabulous Kiri Te Kanawa. Wish me luck/pray for me/light candles/whatever you … Continue reading

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