Sandhya Speaks at Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook 2012 Tour Exhibition at Canada Wharf, London

It was the last day of the exhibition – the London venue of Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook 2012 tour.  Canada Wharf Library.  The day was cold and wet. I was feeling drab that day, I looked drab, but I was determined to get to see the exhibition, no matter looks or spirits.  So I took the miserable train up to dismal London Bridge. The Jubilee Line did not jubilate me, but two stops later, at 4 in the afternoon, I stumbled bedraggled into Canada Wharf library. I fully expected to look out of place – and have people stare. I approached the welcome desk armed, nonetheless, with my list of artists whose sketchbooks I wanted to see.

I wasn’t out of place. A small group formed. A delightful mix of talent and spirit. We stayed until kicked out at 8 when the library closed, leaving in a cloud of laughter and high spirits, wanting a party to move on to.  Artists are so hyper.

It was a gathering of true gems. I sang  different songs to each, but all the true me of course.  This is the first of a series of blogs about the art house exhibition.

One of the jewels I met at the exhibition was Sandhya.  The video above is one of several at Sandhya Speaks.  They’re beautifully produced, aren’t they?  And doesn’t Sandhya have a lovely speaking voice?  Her site is sub-titled Words Worth Living. I won’t put words in her mouth about her work. Visit her site. It’s enchanting, like a garden, as are her handmade mini poem books of selected or commissioned poems.  Interesting, that I write of  jewels.  Sandyha refers to her poem books as jewels.  I’ve bought her ebook of poems – a book of jewels. I identify with Noise of Silence, Prayer, The Soul, Raw Spirit, Whats up. Raw Spirit particularly, I think. I like her poetic voice. Her observations. I look forward to reading these in depth.

Art House Co-op’s Sketcbook World Tour 2012, at Canada Wharf Library, London

It was odd, to have my own sketchbook back in my hands. The second in my Books of the Dead series.  An emotional experience. Others voiced similar feelings.  And it was good to be able to handle the sketchbooks of others, which had till then existed for me only as images on a screen. Virtual art has its place, but a work of art is more than an image. It’s an experience. That’s one reason why many of my sketchbook pages are of tissue paper and waxed. You have to handle them in a more delicate way. On one of my pages I’ve written:  Life is Fragile, Handle with Care.

My Art House Sketchbook Project 2013 entry will be my third Books of the Dead.  It will be centred on the house we owned in France, which was haunted.


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