This was a very pleasant surprise! And for the benefit of you artists, check out their ‘Poppy’ competition, which is in aid of the Royal British Legion. Ann

Poppies and Poetry

One of the nice things about writing in a blog is that so many people read what you and helpers are writing and some readers do make comments which makes the effort of writing so worth while.

I have just received a comment on one of our articles from Ann Isik a freelance writer and artist and she also writes a blog which I have also seen.

Having been involved in writing recently about the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch visit to Gallipoli and also gearing up to write about the Poppy Appeal event here in North Cyprus, I felt compelled to share with our readers a beautiful page from Ann’s Blog.

I leave it to you to read Poetry and Poppies  and you may have the same thoughts that I had.

By Chris Elliott

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  1. We are glad you liked it and lets all hope it helps the Royal British Legion with their quest


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