Sign of the Times

Warning signs on a revolving door in Shanghai. From left to right:

Children Do Not Single       
Cut Into The Pet                
Beware Of Your Hand   
Limit Three Peers

Not to be taken literally!  Especially the second!

My favourite is Beware Of Your Hand. It reminded me of a horror movie where a disembodied hand goes about strangling people. I found it a bit silly – how the solitary hand got from one killing to another was not credible. Well, it wasn’t addressed at all.  I looked it up.  The movie’s called The Hand  and starred Michael Caine.

I looked Caine up too. Despite having started his acting career in 1950, he was still playing minor and even some uncredited roles until Zulu in 1964, when you could say, he was dealt his first really good hand.

I can hear the groans!

However,  beware of your hand may be very good spiritual advice. How about this?  Set your alarm to go off at hourly intervals during the day. Then note down what you did with your hands during the hour that’s gone by.  Were they doing what you intended them to be doing?  Or do you need to exercise greater control over them?

The exercise could also apply to your feet, of course.  And that reminds me of the fairy tale The Red Shoes, also the basis of a movie (1948, starring ballerina Moira Shearer). In the fairy tale, the wearer of  the shoes could only rid herself of them by having her feet chopped off.  Shearer apparently said that appearing in The Red Shoes ruined her career as a ballerina.  So one has also to take care about what one’s feet get up to!

A slightly but not entirely tongue-in-cheek

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