Aftermath: Books of the Dead: Book 2

I made the postal deadline for Art House Co-op’s Limited Edition Sketchbook Project by only 13 minutes.  (I made the previous one by 28 minutes).  It’s not surprising, then, that, as usual,  my studio looked like this when I came back from the Post Office.  Even my cat looks exhausted!

I’m busy with a slideshow but if you can’t wait (ha!) I uploaded yesterday the images I made for the project to my Art House page.

I’ve just received my sketchbook from Art House Co-op for next year’s Sketchbook Project. Little does it know the sturm und drang that’s heading its way.

As an aside, I’m pleased for another reason, with the 40+ ‘meaningful’ images I pulled together and in only 10 or so days of intensive work.  I’m pleased because I was recently obliged to leave an online group because of bullying. Face (or surname, or both) didn’t fit the clique – sort of thing. It happens. In the past, I’d have persevered a bit longer, in the hope that the situation would eventually improve. But it never did and I always ended up annoyed with myself at the time I’d wasted ‘being nice’ that I could have spent creating.

folio 11 recto of the codex with the beginning...

folio 11 recto of the codex with the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time I shook the dust from my feet in protest against them and went to Iconium. Acts 13:51

Well I actually went upstairs to my studio – it’s the principle, not the destination – though in my case, it would have been apt if I’d really gone to Iconium, as it’s in Turkey!

And also, some non-biblical advice I like to take, when somebody is trying to  undermine me through my creativity, is that of Artist’s Way author, Julia Cameron.  Create right at them!  she exhorts.  I think I did that.

"Elijah", Introduction and overture,...

“Elijah”, Introduction and overture, arranged for piano duet. Manuscript copy in Mendelssohn’s handwriting. Page 1 of 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m celebrating the art of the voice tomorrow- I’m going to the championship concert of the winners of the Medway Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. I stewarded one of the vocal rooms for the competition.  (Didn’t have to bounce anybody).

Come to think of it, our house is always full of music, especially song. I’m learning Mendelssohn‘s Elijah at the moment for a concert in June . I can’t imagine why people would choose to waste precious time trying to figure out ways of humiliating someone when they could be exhorting Baal (the loser!) at full belt, to come to their aid. You’ve lost the plot, gals!

Must go and clean my shoes now.


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