The Books of the Dead: 2 (Art House Co-op Limited Edition Sketchbook Project 2012)

I’ve perforce (there’s a word that’s probably classed in the dictionary these days as archaic) been unable to make any entries for a week or so, due to another nail-biting, cliff-hanging deadline.

This was Art House Co-op’s ‘Limited Edition Sketchbook Project 2012’ and it had to be postmarked 30 April.  I made it to the Post Office with 13 minutes to spare. If I’d interrupted the work to write a blog, even a very short one, I’d not have made this deadline and this was just not an option.

I’m preparing a slide show of my finished sketchbook, but in the meantime, I’m posting some images of some of the pages while in progress.

My sketchbook is going to be included as a two-page spread in a limited edition set of books of the works of all the artists participating in this project. It’ll be out in the Autumn (Fall).

I’ve produced a set of images relating to the theme I chose to interpret: Thread & Surface. There is some real thread included in at least one of the pages, though I’ve largely used the word in its metaphorical sense at this stage. I do want to explore in greater depth, when I come to develop the theme further towards a suite of larger, finished works,  in what ways I can also introduce thread in the physical sense. Appropriate embroidery stitches would be those with names like herringbone, couching, blanket, french knot, chain

I’m pleased with what I managed to produce for this project. I’ve made mind maps for each of the 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water relevant to the place and time of this Book of The Dead and separated out my material – sketches, paintings, photos, sculptures, moulds, etc –  in progress then and there, into these 4 groups. I’ve incorporated transparency through the inclusion of coloured cellophane and by waxing some of the sheets. Fragility– many of the images are of acid-free tissue paper. Some of these are also waxed and some have been subjected to intense heat, in the form of searingly hot air and flame. This is about metamorphosis under pressure; also, I wanted to set up an inter-activity between the book and those handling it.  To weaken the psychological distance between viewer and viewed, the  spectator aspect of art. Turning the pages will need care and attention. I expect damage to occur. I even hope for it!

I’ll be writing more about this project on my web site:, so Watch That Space!

Meanwhile, my entry for Art House Co-op’s previous sketchbook project, on the theme Travel With Me and being the first in my Books of the Dead series, is touring the US as I write.  The art-laden wagons rolled out from Brooklyn at the end of April, heading for Chicago’s Hyde Park Art Center. They’re heading for Portland, Oregon where for 3 days – 3, 4, 5 May – if you’re in the area – you can get to see my entry (and all the many others) at The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel, on SW Stark Street.

Please, if you’re in Portland Oregon right now, go and see my sketchbook!


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