MMATC Group Rainbow Accordion Book: ORANGE

Orange - Artist Trading Card for MMATC Rainbow Accordion Book
(c) Ann Isik 2012

This is my Artist Trading Card for the Orange page of the Rainbow Accordion Book Project for MMATC (Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards) a Yahoo! group of artists based in the UK.

Every month participating artists each make a card based on one colour of the rainbow and posts it to one of the other participants.  Once we all have a card for each of the 7 colours of the rainbow, we each make up the cards received into an accordion book.

I now have 2 beautiful cards,  Red  from Beth Powers and Orange from Alison Richards. You can see the lovely creations in recent blogs – just do a search for MMATC.

Striped Paper Bag and Acetate Transparency

Creating in a group setting and exchanging art with artists has a number of benefits. It also resolves the problem of isolation – the curse of most artists! It’s a paradox:  you have to be alone to do your art, but you also need the company and the stimulation of fellow artists.

The rest of the images here are stages in the creation process of my card, which included paint, digital photography/printing, fabric paper, found objects, sari silk –

Scanned Cushion Cover

and food – there are no leftovers in our house. What isn’t eaten by man or cat is recycled into art.

There’s just a chance my card may even be haunted.  Find out more about that and how I made this card on my website.


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