Flintyness and Featheryness

Flint & Feather is in revision. It’s taking a very long time. It’s the book where I learn how to write fiction.  (The second one will be easy – ha!)  I read over the opening scene recently. It’s been perfect for about two years – ha! again.

Then I woke up in the night after the re-reading knowing there’s a phrase of seven words that can be culled. I checked them out. It was true. It’s not necessary to hand over the information in those words at that point. Deleting them adds to the suspense.  Now that is progress.

I often wake up in the night with the solution to a problem I’ve been hacking away at vainly during the day. It’s as if somebody goes to work into my subconscious once I’ve entered into that altered state of consciousness commonly known as sleep. Then when the job’s done, whispers in my ear.

The work of the daylight hours is always flinty.  Night work is feathery.

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2 Responses to Flintyness and Featheryness

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Heh. I’ve done that before. Usually it’s a line which contradicts other lines and interrupts flow and I wake up going “Crap! Get that out of there before I forget!”


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