The Dust of Life : Limited Edition Fine Art Silk Print Series

The Dust of Life II: Limited Edition Fine Art Print on Silk

Art House Co-op’s Fiction Project has come full circle and my entry The Dust of Life, along with all other entries, is now permanently archived – available for viewing – in Brooklyn Art Library.

Dust, however, continues as a project and I’m excited to announce that I’m in the process of putting together a limited edition series of 10 fine art prints on silk, the suite of images derived from my Art House Co-op entry, which on the theme ‘I’m a Scavenger’ and highlighted the plight of the world’s orphaned and abandoned street children .

As they are prints, even though fine art prints, and small (5 x 7 inches) I am going to be able to offer these for sale at only £50 each.  I will shortly be uploading the images to an online shop I’m in the process of opening with which is a labyrinth of shops selling handmade art and crafts.  (Etsy is well worth a visit for, if nothing else, uplifting, solid evidence of how much creativity there is in the world).

I’ve decided to donate 10% of all the income from the silk prints to charities in aid of street children listed on  Why only 10%?  I know, when the prints are sold, it will only amount to a donation of £100. But I’ve put a fair bit of time, effort and personal money into this project and 10% is absolutely all I can afford.

I know, it’s a drop in the ocean.  Unlike David Walliams‘ recent drop in the Thames, which raised over £1 million.  But I’m not a celebrity.  I don’t swim that well either – the longest swim I ever did was about 5 miles and that was in the Caribbean and I was wearing snorkel and flippers. It didn’t make me sick from pollution either, all I suffered was a blister on one heel from a flipper).  Well done to David, of course.

I can say that the first of two of my silk prints have already gone out and the receiver very amazingly decided to make a donation to Action for Children in Conflict (AFPIC)  When I visited the web site I discovered I could have taken part in August in a cycle ride from London to Brighton to raise money for AFPIC. I wish I’d known. I’d certainly have had a go! Maybe another time.  Watch this space!

I’ll be adding a matt surround to the prints and protecting them inside clear cellophane packets. Nice little Christmas presents?

These photos are some of the 10 images I’ve produced for the silk prints. The silk renders the images subtler and softer but try as I might, I cannot get good photos of them. The grain of the silk, though very fine, makes the photo look like I took it from the TV.

In addition to the silk prints, I’ve just received a set of fine art postcards of the suite of images from in the post today.  I’m also limiting the edition of these to 100.  More on these in a future blog.  I will just say that I will be offering these for sale at only £5 per card.  They are glossy and the colours more vibrant. Now that’s a really cheap Christmas present!


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