An Agony of Boxes

The Greensand Way

The move is done, which has resulted in a new collective noun, like the ones used for animals and birds. Here’s a few I like. I got them from

a clash of ducks; a chattering of choughs;  a charm of finches;  a trip of goats;  a raft of loons;  a mischief of mice; an enchantment of nightingales;   a murder of ravens;  a harem of seals;  a lamentation of swans;  a knab of toads;  a dabble of zebras;  an exaltation of larks.

Mine?  An agony of boxes!

I am however, once more on the march and heading towards, if my Poetic Map serves me well (here’s another new collective):  an ecstasy of creativity!

I haven’t been completely idle, artmaking-wise, nor walking-wise and I’ve a few blogs coming up about continuing and new art and writing projects and also, my new grid reference as a Mystery Walker for the UK Ramblers Association.

I’m looking forward to my new Mystery Walk as my previous one, which took me along the Greensand Way, led me to and through places I doubt I’d ever otherwise discovered.

Where will I be walking mysteriously in future?  Fort Amherst which seems to be seriously haunted, so I won’t be walking around there alone and in the dark … or will I?


About AnnIsikArts

Artist/Writer/Chess Enthusiast/Musician (Singer)/Gardener
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