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On Writing Fiction: Walking Backwards to Walk Forwards

I’ve posted very little, if anything, about the fiction I write, particularly my major work in progress: my Laurel Grove Mysteries. Well, the fact is that it lurches. It’s like a long train journey. It’s over, all but. You’ve gathered your baggage together and you’re standing in the aisle waiting to get off and you can see the station platform. But the train isn’t moving. Any minute now, you think. 5 minutes go by, 10 even. And you’re still standing there. Then it’s off again. It’s sudden. Unexpected. You’re thrown forward. You recover your balance. Then it stops again, as abruptly as it started. Another minute or so goes by … Half an hour later and the train’s still inching into the station. By this time, you might even be hallucinating – is the motion – when it comes – forwards or backwards? Continue reading

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The Dust of Life : Limited Edition Fine Art Silk Print Series

Art House Co-op’s Fiction Project has come full circle and my entry The Dust of Life, along with all other entries, is now permanently archived in Brooklyn Art Library.

Dust, however, continues as a project and I’m excited to announce that I’m in the process of putting together a limited edition series of 10 fine art prints on silk, the suite of images derived from my Art House Co-op entry, which on the theme ‘I’m a Scavenger’ and highlighted the plight of the world’s orphaned and abandoned street children .

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Bobbles and Rambles

I stumbled across the above video – a brief history of the UK’s Ramblers Association – quite by chance the other day.  I was surprised and a bit puzzled by the derision and vitriol of some of the comments. I had no idea that bobbles (the woolly ones attached to … Continue reading

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An Agony of Boxes

The move is done, which has resulted in a new collective noun, like the ones used for animals and birds. Here’s a few I like. I got them from a clash of ducks; a chattering of choughs;  a charm of finches;  a … Continue reading

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