Liberate Your Art

Liberate Your Art is a mail art post card swap project instigated and carried through by Kat Sloma of Kate Eye View. In return for 5 post cards of your own art, you receive 5 from other participating artists.

I was determined to take part, preparing my cards in the middle of the chaos of boxes waiting to be unpacked in our new home. I wasn’t sure I’d meet the deadline, but The Royal Mail seems to have got me there as I’ve been contacted by a couple of the artists who ended up with my postcards and so far received 4 cards myself.

I decided to make post cards from the photos I took of my entry for Art House Co-op’s ‘Fiction Project’. I produced a book of fictionalised true stories based on the theme ‘I am a scavenger’. I chose this theme to publicise the plight of orphaned or abandoned street kids around the world and I talked about my entry at The Dust of Life – my title for the book – and also the translation into English for the name given to such children in Vietnam.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that entries for The Fiction Project have been touring various venues in the US, including Madrone Studios in San Francisco and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

And that when the tour is finished, all participants’ books will be archived and available for reading at Brooklyn Art Library in New York.  They are all also in the process of being scanned and added to the online version of the Brooklyn library.

I’ve referred to my contribution as a drop in the ocean as far as helping these kids is concerned. I included in my book, links to various charities aiding street kids around the world, all found at: Just Giving which is a website dedicated to listing charities of all kinds and enabling donations to be made with just a click of the mouse.  Just Giving is currently highlighting the crisis in East Africa which will undoubtedly bring new members to the world’s ‘club’ of kid scavengers. And it is a global epidemic. There are children living rough on the streets of London, New York, Paris …

One of my cards reached Terrie, in Washington, US and she kindly posted it on her site, Creative Explorer in order to ‘addy’ my cause. And even more kindly, linked the blog entry back to my Dust of Life blog.

So my one drop in the ocean has evolved into a few ripples.

As I’ve said before:  I’m not a Goody Two Shoes.

I’m just trying to keep myself off the streets.

I’ll be making some more ripples shortly, when I’ve had time to scan and post all the art cards I received, with links to the artists’ sites, where possible.

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3 Responses to Liberate Your Art

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  2. Marji says:

    Hi Ann..
    I’m so happy to say that I received one of your postcards through the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap! I live in Seattle, WA. I’m a little tardy in letting you know but I will be participating in the final blog hop for this project. You can come see your postcard on my blog


    • annisik51 says:

      Hello Marji and nice to meet you! I’ve just hopped over to your blog and seen your collection of postcards. I’ve taken note of your comment about how I made my card. I’ll make a note to do that in a future blog. It’s of a page of a book I made for the Art House Co-op’s Fiction Project. The expo has just finished touring the US. That has been another artistic journey! I write about it in a blog entitled The Dust of Life. I’m signed up for their 2012 Sketchbook Project, if you’re interested in participating. Ann


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