The Fiction Project hits Chicago

I was cheered when I received an email recently from Art House Co-op telling me that my entry for their 2011 Fiction Project had been viewed at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Illinois.  You can read more about my entry for this project at: The Dust of Life .

My thanks to A….O in Chicago for selecting my book to view out of the 10,000 entries. I feel privileged!

I’m participating in Art House Co-op’s 2012 Sketchbook Project, which will tour the US and also Australia and London. I’ll be able to get to the London venue myself and hopefully, meet some of the other artists.


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5 Responses to The Fiction Project hits Chicago

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  2. Ann
    I received a postcard from you in the Liberate Your Art exchange and as I read your various sites, I appreciate even more the feelings behind it. It’s a lovely card that I’ll treasure. Thanks for sharing. I’ll share your site with others to help raise awareness! Terrie


    • annisik51 says:

      Hello Terrie
      Thanks for posting my card on your site! It was quite a shock to see it. But a nice one. Nice still is your ‘addy’ for the cause – scavenger kids and I sincerely appreciate that. It’s a good idea to post the postcards we receive online and I’ll do the same.
      I’ve subscribed to your blog. My comment disappeared into the ether but I’ll try again.
      Good luck with all your creative projects. Ann


  3. That is very exciting. Congrats!


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