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Encore! Liberate Your Art!

My walk with the ‘Liberate Your Art’ postcard swap has come to journey’s end. Liberate was enabled by Kat Sloma and I received this beautiful postcard image of a blue door a few days ago by way of ‘thank you’ for participating in the swap. The image is very apt as it could be said that Kat was ‘opening doors’. Continue reading

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Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday.

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Paint Party Friday

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Liberate Your Art

Liberate Your Art is a mail art post card swap project instigated and carried through by Kat Sloma of Kate Eye View.I decided to make post cards from the photos I took of my entry for Art House Co-op’s ‘Fiction Project’. I produced a book of fictionalised true stories based on the theme ‘I am a scavenger’. I chose this theme to publicise the plight of orphaned or abandoned street kids around the world and I talked about my entry at The Dust of Life – my title for the book – and also the translation into English for the name given to such children in Vietnam. Continue reading

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The Fiction Project hits Chicago

I was cheered recently when I received an email from Art House Co-op telling me that my entry for their 2011 Fiction Project had been viewed at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Illinois. You can read more about my entry for this project at my blog entry: The Dust of Life. Continue reading

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The Hidden Life of Objects

If I scrape my life clean of all significances, then I would tell you that I spend my days shifting black and brown spheroids and cuboids from Point A to Point B, draining them of their contents of multifarious shapes, forms and colours and dispersing these around the inside of a large rectanguloid. Continue reading

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