The Elfin Ladder III: (Addendum)

Seascape on ‘Artists’ Conk’ (Shelf Fungus)

In Elfin Ladder III I disclosed that my elfin ‘ladders’ are really shelf fungi. One species of shelf fungus is the Artist’s ConkGanoderma applanatum.

This seascape is painted onto an Artist’s Conk.  It’s by artist Joanne MacDonald of Nova Scotia and is exhibited on the web site of erstwhile Yorkshireman John Crabtree: Mushrooms and Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia, who very kindly gave me permission to display the work on my blog.  John’s site is a mine of information regarding the fungi and flora of Nova Scotia.

Here are links to some other fungi artists:

Marie F Heerkens
Cabin Creations of Maine
Mushroom Artist (Maine)
Tree Fungus Art
Deborah Everett Wildlife Artist
Genge’s Art Studio
Robert Decker



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