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The Fiction Project at Madrone Studios San Francisco


The video is of the San Francisco venue of the tour for Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project and including the entries for the 2011 Fiction Project, in which I participated with my entry The Dust of Life, based on the theme I chose to interpret (I’m a Scavenger). You can check out some of the pages I created for the project at my blog entry The Dust of Life which draws attention to the plight of child scavengers around the world.Street Kid, Kabul, Afghanistan

Child scavengers as young as 3 labour each day sometimes on huge waste sites to ‘earn’ barely enough to feed themselves. My entry included a list of charitable causes dedicated to helping street children ‘The Dust of Life’ as they are known in Vietnam, selected from the web site Just Giving. It’s easy to donate to the causes at Just Giving, with a few clicks of the mouse.

It’s nice to know that my ‘drop in the ocean’ is circulating and that someone may read it, that it’s not a painting on a wall in a gallery awaiting a 10 second gawp before the viewer moves on.

I’m participating in the 2012 Sketchbook Project, which will tour also outside of the US to Australia and also to a London gallery. I’ll be able to get to the London venue myself, maybe meet some of the other artists.

I’ve been moving house. If anyone can tell me how to pack china, the cat and write blogs (or anything else) at the same time, please get in touch!


P.S. I didn’t really pack the cat. This pic is from a previous move. My cat loves to help out with whatever I’m doing. Here she’s ‘inspecting’ a tool bag for me.

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Kissing Butterflies

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp,
but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne
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The Elfin Ladder III: (Addendum)

In Elfin Ladder III I disclosed that my elfin ‘ladders’ are really shelf fungi. One species of shelf fungus is the Artist’s Conk: Ganoderma applanatum.

This seascape is painted onto an Artist’s Conk. It’s by artist Joanne MacDonald of Nova Scotia and is exhibited on the web site of erstwhile Yorkshireman John Crabtree: Mushrooms and Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia, who very kindly gave me permission to display the work on my blog. John’s site is a mine of information regarding the fungi and flora of Nova Scotia.
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The Elfin Ladder: III

“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching”. St. Francis
I’m rounding off my Elfin Ladder trilogy of blogs, which has turned out to be an argument that unless we safeguard and use our Wildlands we’ll never get rid of our Wastelands.
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