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Good Gates don’t make Good Neighbours

The word gate’ is loaded with meaning, on all levels. Think ‘gateway’, for instance and it’s become less about the physical. It’s no wonder gates cause so much trouble!

The gate in this picture has become picturesque – in true Romantic (art-historical) fashion, as it’s rusting away around the chains and padlock that keep it permanently shut. It’s long-neglected, forgotten and a crowd of forest growth is in the process of overwhelming it.

Knowing a bit about the history of this forest, the last time this gate was privately owned was around about 1783. It then passed into the public domain. A guillotine may or may not have been instrumental in the transaction.

It’s ironic that this gate, wrenched from the hands of the privileged few by bloody revolution, opened up for the use of the common man, is once more locked. Continue reading

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