Stop the UK Government Selling Off Public Woodlands!

Having lived abroad for many years, returning to the UK has been a bit of a jolt.  A notable difference is the number of people knocking about of eastern European origin (and how polite and friendly and customer-oriented they are). 

I return to a UK in economic crisis and governed by a coalition of two political parties. Neither the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, nor the Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have experience in handling this much power. 

One of the UK Government’s ‘good ideas’ for saving money is to sell off public woodlands into the private sector. This has quite rightly caused an uproar among those who have fought for many years to protect not just woodlands, but all of the beauty that makes the British Isles such an attraction for the people of other nations, whether tourist or would-be immigrant and including of course, but not limited to, our  brothers and sisters from eastern Europe.

Selling off public woodlands will endanger the englishness of England, the scottishness of Scotland, the welshness of Wales and the irishness of Ireland and let’s not forget the ‘islandness’ of all of the isles off the coast of Britain, each with their unique character. 

Whether you are British or not, please join in the campaign to protect UK woodlands.  Here are some links to a few organisations fighting for the cause:

The Woodland Trust

The National Trust

The Ramblers Association


Ann Isik

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