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Inching Towards … Kalkmalerier: Danish Medieval Wall Paintings and Portable Altars

In the process yesterday of unearthing my collection of sketches, notes, drawings, paintings and other fragments – images I produced during the time I lived in France (shall I call that my French period, or leave that to future art historians?:))  I also … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 5 October 2015: An Inch of Work on my Plaster of Paris Encaustic Accordion Book

Today I finished the surfaces of all eight sides of my Plaster of Paris and Encaustic Accordion Book, as per Bridgette Guerzon Mills‘ instructions in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s book Encaustic Revelation: Cutting Edge Techniques from the Masters of Encausticamp. I had … Continue reading

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Allotment Artefacts

I dug up these four ceramic fragments at the allotment this year, each at different times. They’re bits of a tile. I suspect 1960s – burnt orange was in fashion in the 60s. And psychedelic designs. I wonder what I will do … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 2 October 2015: Singing: A Ceremony of Carols: Benjamin Britten

In addition to Handel’s Four Coronation Anthems (see yesterday’s post) I also received yesterday the music for Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols. I need to learn to sing both for a Christmas concert.  Eek. Britten was a pacifist. He and … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 1 October: An Inch of Singing: Handel’s Four Coronation Anthems

Just been given the sheet music to this. It’s to be learnt for Christmas. Phew!  But how wonderful that I’m getting to sing this.  At Christmas. Enjoy!

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Inch of the Day 30 September 2015: Walking the White Cliffs and Looking at an Horizon

As it was my husband’s birthday today and the weather was fine, we drove down to an old and favourite walking haunt,  St Margaret’s at Cliffe. We lunched at The Pines Garden Tea Rooms as usual, which serves mega-amounts of delicious dishes prepared … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 29 September 2015: Plaster of Paris Accordion Book in Progress

Went out today, bought birthday presents, cards, wrapping paper, new jeans and top for myself as I’ve lost weight and most of my current clothes are too big now. Came home, wrapped the presents, wrote the cards, went out again to … Continue reading

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Inch of the Day 28 September 2015: Eco Print with Blood Moon


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Walking the Cosmos: Blood Moon

Yes, I stayed up most of the night to watch the super blood moon total lunar eclipse. It began about 1 in the morning here in southern England with a bit of red on the top curve and then I … Continue reading

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Supermoon Blood Moon: Be Still and Listen, The Earth is Singing …

  I’d been singing all day. Lots of lyrics, but these ones keep putting themselves before me at the moment: So that the sun shall not burn thee by day, neither the moon at night and then I came home … Continue reading

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