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Ann Isik: Artworks

I’ve been beavering away most of this week at a new web site for showcasing my artworks. I hope you’ll visit  Ann Isik: Artworks and especially, I’d appreciate your feedback. I’m still tweaking it but I decided this afternoon I’d … Continue reading

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Carpets and Encaustics – Preparing Ground

I’ve managed to find time and space in the current carpetting chaos to prepare a few more encaustic/Plaster of Paris surfaces to work on. And in the process realised that in both cases, I’m preparing ground. You can’t build anything … Continue reading

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Stitching a Ladder to Climb

Ladder Stitch I Recycled Sari Silk 3 February 2016January 2016 was not a good month. In some ways. I’ve been sick. We’re having new carpets fitted (an enormous upheaval ). I’m working surrounded by chaos. Continue reading

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Rhapsody in Red: Donn Taylor: Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Rhapsody in Red, a mystery and suspense whodunit. Rick: Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. On the very slight chance you didn’t recognise the above … Continue reading

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The image to the left, courtesy of wafuworks is of a page of a shimacho. Shimacho (Japanese) means stripe book. They are fabric sample books. They have a number of purposes. Sometimes they are  commercial samplers. Sometimes records, created by … Continue reading

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January Blue Note

I don’t do January at all well. The crescendo of Christmas and New Year has past. I am diminished. January is a grey note, repeated. I want to hibernate. Sleep till spring. Curiously, when I do sleep, I have colourful … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

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Walking into a Phenomenology of Christmas and Stumbling Over 654 Incantation Bowls

“Study hard what interests you in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” Richard Feynman I started this post bemoaning the lack of proper Christmas weather and ended-up lost in the phenomenological domains of Hegel, Husserl and Heidegger. Oh, … Continue reading

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Singing In Trafalgar Square

Other than that, I’m singing at three other venues before Christmas, the last of which is under the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square on 22 December. Continue reading

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Adding Flesh to Bone to the Accompaniment of Flesh and Bone

It’s funny how you find yourself drawn to collect without a clear idea in mind of what you’re going to do with the goodies.  You find you just have to wait for a future to turn up that  reveals all.   … Continue reading

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